The HYDROSOL Projects



EXPO 2008


14 June- 14 September, Zaragoza, Spain

It is a great pleasure for the HYDROSOL research team to participate in the EXPO 2008, in Zaragoza, Spain. In the Expo 2008, which is a tribute to water, the awarded with the 2006 EU’s Descartes prize for Collaborative Research HYDROSOL technology will be demonstrated in the Greek pavilion. The HYDROSOL technology involves hydrogen production through solar-thermal water splitting by exploiting renewable energies and raw materials such as sun and water respectively, and therefore can pave the way for a sustainable and fossil fuel-free “energy future” for Europe. In this way water becomes a source of clean energy and via the HYDROSOL technology contributes in the efforts against climate change and environment deterioration.
The EXPO has opened its gates on the 14th of June and will be open until the 14th of September. On the 28th of June the national / honor day of Greece will be held. In the Greek pavilion in Zaragoza, among other exhibits, the visitor will have the chance to see mock-ups demonstrating the continuous operation principles of the HYDROSOL technology as well as its envisaged large-scale implementation on a thermochemical solar plant.


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